Total Value Solutions

As a member of YHN, you’ll benefit from our Total Value Solutions.

Our expansive services, access to education for your providers, along with online resources all come together to help you maximize leads and conduct daily operations more effectively and efficiently.

Your National Call Center

Our professional staff is poised to set you up for success. You can utilize inbound and outbound calling and tested scripting to:

  • Check in with your database (out of warranty, tested not sold, etc.)
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Serve as a practice representative to both prospects and patients.

Your Claims Solution

Minimize the hassles of navigating the insurance landscape! YHN offers Your Claims Solution, a professional services provider and your insurance advocate. Your Claims Solution can address the impact insurance makes on your practice. Let us verify insurance benefits, bill insurances and third-party claims and eliminate costly billing fees for you.

Your Hearing Health Academy

Established in 2015, Your Hearing Health Academy provides education for the hearing healthcare professional in training. An intensive course instructs those preparing for the dispensing exam, hones sales skills and offers hands-on patient experience. More than 400 students have already graduated from this program and moved into an active role in the field.

Your Digital Leads

Through websites such as, and, our providers have the ability to connect with consumers looking for hearing healthcare information.

Your Opportunity Management Tool

Developed to help the hearing healthcare professional more easily navigate the world of managed care, our online resources include:

  •  A step-by-step guide to help you determine the optimal mix of private pay patients and dispensing fees that balances a full schedule to your bottom line.
  • Online scheduling templates to maximize your patient appointments.
  • Marketing tools such as pricing matrices, loyalty programs and a simple overview sheet on every managed care plan available through YHN.

Your Managed Sales

YHN helps you and your staff tackle managed sales to fill open time slots in your practice’s schedule not being filled by private pay patients.

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