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We equip our providers with the expertise necessary to generate and maximize managed sales leads!

YHN Provider Services

Our dedicated support team alleviates many of the administrative and time-consuming undertakings associated with other managed care plans, including credentialing and claims processing. We help ensure that you reap the most benefits from our services and tame the world of managed care!

YHN endeavors to be the most provider-friendly network in the country and deliver best-in-class support service to our network and plan partners, including:

Managed Care

Reimbursement Rates

YHN offers some of the industry’s highest provider reimbursement rates.

Credentialing Support

Credentialing is a detailed, ongoing process that can be administratively time-consuming. YHN streamlines the credentialing process to save providers time. We also ensure you are fully credentialed for your managed care plans and that your information on file is up-to-date.

Opt-in/Opt-out Privileges

YHN offers our providers flexibility when it comes to plan participation. Providers always have the option of opting out of a specific plan if they do not wish to participate. We also encourage providers to contact our network managers with any managed care plans that are not currently part of our portfolio.

Case Management For Workers’ Compensation Patients

There are strict rules and regulations associated with Workers’ Compensation claims. YHN case managers work closely with our Workers’ Compensation partners to simplify the process so that you can focus on patient care.

Skilled Managed Care Contract Negotiators

YHN offers our providers the widest selection of plans available. Our contract negotiators work to ensure plans added to the network will provide best-in-class reimbursement rates and service levels our providers expect and deserve.

Total Value Solutions

Your National Call Center

Our professional staff is poised to set you up for success. You can utilize inbound and outbound calling and tested scripting to:

•Check in with your database (out of warranty, tested not sold, etc.)
•Schedule and confirm appointments
•Serve as a practice representative to both prospects and patients.

Your Claims Solution

Minimize the hassles of navigating the insurance landscape! YHN offers Your Claims Solution, a professional services provider and your insurance advocate.

Your Hearing Health Academy

Established in 2015, Your Hearing Health Academy provides education for the hearing healthcare professional in training. A 2-week, intensive course instructs those preparing for the dispensing exam, hones sales skills and offers hands-on patient experience.

Your Digital Leads

Through websites such as, and, our providers have the ability to connect with consumers looking for hearing healthcare information.

Your Opportunity Management Tool

Developed to help the hearing healthcare professional more easily navigate the world of managed care.


Why Managed Care?

  • Big Box Challenge

  • Flat sales in Private Pay

  • Over 43 million Americans are over the age of 65

  • Baby Boomers are more familiar with managed care

Managed Care Reimbursement Opportunities

Your Hearing Network providers have convenient access to multiple managed care reimbursement opportunities, including:

  • Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Federal Plans
  • Health Management Organizations (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Medicaid
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Unions
  • Discount Plans through Associations, Affiliations and Senior Care Organizations

YHN will help you and your staff tackle managed care and fill open time slots in your practice schedule not filled by private pay patients.

In 2014, 55% of patients had a portion or all of their hearing aid costs paid for by a third party, such as an insurance or union benefit or the Veterans Administration. YHN’s plan partnerships provide the referral opportunities while our support team handles the administrative responsibilities associated with such third parties. This allows our providers to focus on what is most important: providing superior health care to the patient.

Provider Portal

Provider Portal

For each managed care plan in our portfolio, we provide all of the information necessary, including a detailed summary and a flow chart of the steps involved in the plan process.



When you join YHN, we automatically enroll you in all applicable plans in our network. Should a plan require further credentialing, our team works in tandem with you to get you enrolled. We also ensure all provider documents and data are up-to-date.

Customer Service

Customer Service

When you have a question or comment regarding any of our plans, we want you to reach a live person. Our Customer Service team is ready to handle your inquiries and can assist you with questions concerning plan details, credentialing, reimbursement, and product information.

Claims Processing

Claims Processing

Paperwork and follow-up associated with claims processing is typically a time-consuming burden associated with many managed care plans. Our Billing and Claims departments provide professional assistance and guide you through this process.

Plan Management

Plan Management

Our Network Managers routinely seek out new plan partners to increase the number of reimbursement opportunities available to our providers. They also continually work with existing plan partners to ensure they are providing our network with best-in-class service levels and maintain the most up-to-date product offerings.

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Your Hearing Network is a nationwide hearing healthcare organization designed to connect patients with hearing loss to local hearing professionals. With more than 3,100 hearing health clinics in its network, YHN is the fastest growing hearing health system in the country.


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